Forest Health Research and Education Center
Forest Health Research and Education Center




Cooper Building
The T. P. Cooper building at the University of Kentucky contains the offices of the FHC co-leaders and support team.


Work Space

Plant Science Building
The Plant Science Building at the University of Kentucky houses lab and office space for research personnel.



Laboratory In Plant Science Building

Facilities feature shared equipment rooms with modern instrumentation, located in Room 342 of the Plant Science Building.


Work Station

Robinson Forest

The Robinson Forest, one of the largest research and education forests in the eastern US, is available for FHC use.



seedling nursery

The Kentucky Division of Forestry operates a seedling nursery at Grassy Creek in Morgan County, KY, available for FHC use.



Exterior of greenhouses

Recently constructed, computer controlled, greenhouses are available for FHC use.


Contact Information

S123 Ag Science – North Lexington, KY 40546-0091