The FHC is comprised of three teams, working together to fight forest health threats and improve ecologic and socio-economic sustainability:

  • Biological Sciences: Using genetics to understand and improve tree resistance
  • Social Sciences: Understanding the economic and cultural impacts of forest health threats
  • Education and Outreach: Promoting understanding of forest health threats and the genetics-based tools to fight them
Image of the FHC team from a retreat

2017 Forest Health Research and Education Center Retreat, July 20, 2017, Robinson Forest.

From left to right: Xiaoshu Li, Bradford Condon, Jeff Stringer, Abdullah Almsaed, Sara Almsaed, Kenton Sena, Jiali Yu, Dana Nelson, Ellen Crocker, Bert Abbott, Meg Staton, Billy Thomas, Thomas Ochuodho, Tyler Dreaden, and Shenghu Fan.  Not pictured: Lynne Rieske-Kinney and Thais Barros Rodrigues.

Examples of Ongoing Forest Health Threats:

Invasive insects

Invasive pathogens